Hello, World!

My name is Hamza Kalash, AKA sudoCss.

The enthusiastic Software Engineering student who’s obsessed with programming, cats, and tasty food.



I build websites, web apps, games, CLI tools, and other projects.

If you want to contact/work with me, send me an email, a Telegram message @sudoCss, or an anonymous message via this link.

P.S: I speak Kurdish(Kurmancî), Arabic, and English.

Me #

I’m a Muslim and Kurdish individual, currently living in Syria and studying at Damascus University.

I love writing and plan to write more.

My setup #

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My work #

To explore my previous work and see what I’m currently up to, visit the projects section or take a look at my GitLab account @sudoCss.

My Resume #

You can view and download my Resume via this link (please note that it might be outdated unless it’s required at the time).

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